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29/08/2016 UK needs to invest £215bn in energy by 2030: Barclays

The UK will need to invest an "eye-watering" £215bn in its energy system by 2030 in order to replace aging assets and decarbonise, analysis by Barclays Research has found.

04/11/2015 Great news from Europe – and savings all round!

EU red tape is a nightmare for many businesses, but for once there is some good news ahead.

From next year all the remaining incandescent light bulbs in Europe are being phased out. You might be wondering why this is good, if it means replacing them with new lighting … well, it’s simply that the energy-efficient LED bulbs we are installing instead are far cheaper to run and much better quality!

Demand is so strong that we have now opened sister companies in Germany and Italy, as well as the UK.

16/09/2015 Brilliant LED lighting delights 25 million shoppers

The 25 million customers who use the Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield every year probably have no idea how revolutionary it is.

They love the brilliant lighting – but they won't have realised that the brighter LED bulbs recently retrofitted by Powersave Solutions are saving £300,000 a year.

11/09/2015 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Business Lighting Bill

Do you know how big your company's lighting bill is?

For many malls, factories, business centres and retailers, it can form 50% of their energy bill or even more – sometimes reaching tens of thousands of pounds a month.

21/07/2015 Keel Row Winners of Category in Love Energy Savings Awards

We are thrilled that our clients Keel Row shopping centre, have been announced winners of the Super Saver category in the Love Energy awards. The Love Energy awards, launched by energy price comparison specialists Love Energy Savings, aimed to highlight the most energy-savvy businesses from all over the UK and recognise them for their dedication to energy efficiency.

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